Poland's Wieliczka Salt Mine welcomes 2015's millionth tourist.
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City Of Ruins; Destroyed Warsaw-Poland In 1945



   Welcome to Polish TV Weekly. Polish TV Weekly has been bringing you the best in Polish culture and information about the country to our international viewers for over 20 years. We still deliver the biggest programming to over 4 milion households in the Lower Mainland,Cagary and BlueSky TV We move forward into the future continuing to bring you the best.



   Polski Magazyn Telewizyjny (Polish TV Weekly) was founded in 1994 by Jerzy Mrozewski, a graduate of the National Film School in Lodz with over 30 years of expirience as a cinematographer for Polish Television in Warsaw. Polish TV Weekly has since been airing, without interruption, for the past 20 years.  Accumulating   thousends of hours on air, in that time.  Starting on Rogers Cable, now Shaw Cable (channel 4), it is aired next to other Polish cultural programmes such as: TV Polonia  (channel 502), Polish Radio 1 (channel 500) and Polish Radio 3 (channel 501).  The programme exists to promote and provide Polish culture to  millions  viewers of Shaw Cable every week, as it has done since 1994.
 “Swiat Polskiej Muzyki” (The World of Polish Music) an hour long musical programme featuring some best artists and events Poland has to offer. Iin our music programme will be delighted to know how broad our programming is.  Poland has a very long strong traditions in classical music, from composer such as Paderewski and Chopin to many world class performers.  Just last year we even aired the Laureates Concert of the XVI International Chopin Competition.  We also air many of the yearly music festivals and cabarets that happen in Poland such as: The Jan Kiepura Festival, The Classical Music Festival in Lancut and the Festival in Opole.  The artist range from sung poetry (Herbert, Stachura), jazz (Urbaniak, Mozdzer), folk (Mragowo), and more.  We believe that our programming has something for everyone, music after all crosses all barriers.  For the past 20 years the one thing that has always guaranteed multicultural viewership has been Polish music.